On the first of February 2019 I began my, possibly never-ending, quest to log all the visible insects in the backyard. My hardest decision was – where to start? I have over one thousand photos of insects and spiders going back to 2016, only about one third are catalogued. And I still take new photos nearly every day. I decided to set myself a manageable task of logging five bugs a month and tagging my collection when ever I had time. I initially intended to just name each creature and relate brief observations. But once I started I couldn’t help disappearing down an internet rabbit hole of interesting and sometimes conflicting facts. So I just had to add another segment to each Bug-a-log entry called, Fun Facts.

Once a month I’ll post a link to my five mini-beasts and discuss my overall bug-a-log findings. If you want to see the guidelines I have set myself for the task see – Bug-a-log Policy.

This month I logged four insects and one spider. It was a big task setting up the Nature Lover’s Site so I decided to start gradually with a group of creatures that are rarely sighted in my backyard. Logging common bugs is actually more labour-intensive as I have to wade through many more folders to find the best photos. Follow links to view –

FLIES: March Fly

WASPS: Hatchet Wasp

BUTTERFLIES AND MOTHS: Tailed Emperor Butterfly

SPIDERS: Humped Silver Orb Spider

OTHER INSECTS: Green Lacewing

My favourite for February was the, scarily-named, Hatchet Wasp. Partly because I have a soft spot for wasps in general, much to my families bewilderment. (My son once remarked “You tell me to get outside in the fresh air and then you tell me we have over ten species of wasp living in our yard!”) But mostly I like the Hatchet Wasp because it has a role in controlling a creature I think we can all agree there’s a surplus of. And it is cute in an odd-looking way.

2 Replies to “Bug-a-log Begins”

    1. Thanks Donna, Now that I have got past most of the techy stuff of setting up the site (which was very time-consuming) I know it will be fun to build upon. Hope you get time too one day.


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