To log five species every month. (these don’ have to be seen within that month) With an aim to build up to at least 100 species. To continually update photos to get best shots on the Bug-a-log. To continue to learn about classification and if necessary amend classifications of logged creatures.


I will only log insects and spiders in my own backyard/frontyard of my Illawarra home. (see About me for more details of location)

I will only use my own photos from my yard.

Will not log any spiders and insects that I cannot capture on camera (sometimes this is frustrating).

Will try my best to classify by scientific name and will always give a common name. If a common name doesn’t exist then I will make one up and acknowledge this my heading My Common name.

Will always welcome advice re amendments to classification via comment section. And love any comments as well, particularly relating to your sightings.

Will quantify sightings in 12-month period across two calendar years from 1st July to end of June (think financial year). This is in order to take in a single whole Australian summer season. Sightings will be quantified from Very Rare (seen only once or twice) to Very Common (seen most days in warm seasons). Note: Some log entries have None as the insect/spider has not been seen in that period – I started macro photos in 2016 but only started quantifying sightings in 2018.

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